Fuzz Testing for Developers

Fuzzbuzz is a platform that continuously tests your code for critical bugs & vulnerabilities using fuzz testing.

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Step By Step

Fuzz without writing any code

With Fuzzbuzz, you can start fuzzing your code in under 5 minutes, no code required


Connect to your repository on GitHub*

* (GitLab & BitBucket coming soon)


Select the functions you want to fuzz


Sit back and wait for bugs

How It Works

The Fuzzing Platform


Fuzz Everything

Real-world code bases are complex and are often impossible to fuzz with existing tools. Our proprietary fuzzing engine is built to be modular and adaptable to real-world software, so you never have to ask yourself if your code is fuzzable.


Made for Developers

Fuzzbuzz natively integrates into your existing developer workflow so you don't have to manage yet another security tool. Once set up, Fuzzbuzz gets out of your way and only notifies you when a vulnerability is detected.


Fuzzing in CI

Fuzzbuzz is able to stastically determine when to stop a fuzzing job, allowing developers to treat fuzz testing like any other type of testing: fuzz against new changes and only think about it if things break.

Supported Languages

Fuzzbuzz natively supports coverage-guided fuzzing for Go, C, C++, C#, Rust and Java.

We are always expanding our list of supported languages - if we don't currently support yours, let us know!

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