Fuzzing has never been so simple.

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It's time to make fuzzing an industry standard.

Current fuzzing solutions are complex to set up and require too much developer time to maintain. Fuzzbuzz allows companies of any size to fuzz their code in the cloud, 24h a day, with only a few clicks - meaning your developers can focus on developing.

Language Support

With out-of-the-box support for 5 languages, you can get fuzzing on any codebase without the need for extensive setup. Is your language missing? Shoot us an email!

Ease of Setup

Spend less time gathering sample data, writing harnesses, and linking up code. Instead, just set what code you want to fuzz, and where to find it. We’ll take it from there.

Smart Fuzzing

Fuzz your software with test cases that have uncovered bugs in similar applications in the past. Fuzzbuzz is always getting smarter - the more code it fuzzes, the smarter it gets.

Reporting & Alerting

With automatic report generation and alerting, spend less time worrying about writing incident reports and focus on making your code as secure as possible.

Getting Started is Easy

Integrate with Familiar Tools

Link your Github or Bitbucket code to Fuzzbuzz. Feeling old school?
We take zip files too!

Select and Configure

Configure your fuzzer however you like - then deploy. We even let you scale it up or down if needed!

Gain Insights Into Your Code

View details on vulnerabilities in your code - see the line number, input and stack trace for each bug.